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Assessing Safety Culture

Presented in London, at SHE Expo 2018 by Dr Dominic Cooper CFIOSH C.Psychol, this presentation outlines a study on safety culture assessment that is unequivocally linked to a variety of incident statistics. This is the first study in the safety culture domain to do so after 30 years of safety culture research.

A new effective approach for assessing safety culture that is reliable and valid

Click here to view.


Welcome to BSMS, Thought Leaders in the Psychology of Safety, dedicated to helping domestic and international clients achieve world-class safety performance.

BSMS works with organizations to create and implement customized safety culture solutions, using proven methods developed by industry pioneer Dominic Cooper, Ph.D. Our firm has vast experience with companies in a variety of industries and geographic regions, including projects throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Our goal is to help clients create a culture of safety awareness and accountability so that nobody gets hurt. Doing so can dramatically reduce the number of lost-time and minor injuries, and the associated costs which detract from your bottom-line.

Learn more about BSMS and our improvement strategies here

Contact us today to begin your journey to a safer, more productive future.

Global Experts in Behavior Based Safety

Recognized as global experts in behavioral safety, B-Safe clients realize world-class safety performance by achieving the lowest injury rates in their industry. We have assisted companies in more than 30 countries in all six habitable continents.


Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership is a vital component of any Safety, Health & Environment process. We can help you face the Safety Leadership challenges on your Safety Culture improvement journey.

The known documented benefits of effective safety leadership are:

  • Improves employee's safety behavior by as much as 86 percent,
  • Independently reduces lost time and minor injury frequency rates by around 35%
  • Creates better business continuity, thereby increasing productivity by avoiding incidents, accidents, breakdowns and process failures
  • Helps reduces insurance premiums by around 30%
  • Improves standing and reputation among suppliers, clients and partners.
  • Leads to better all-round economic performance

B-Safe Management Solutions featured on Fox Business News with Terry Bradshaw discussing Safety Leadership and BBS. Click on the video to watch the segment.


The Business Case

Implementing proven Behavioral Safety processes in your company can dramatically reduce the number of lost-time and minor injuries and their associated costs which detract from your bottom-line.